• Soul Candy Holiday Give Away! Inspirational Stone Happiness
  • Amy Logan
Soul Candy Holiday Give Away! Inspirational Stone Happiness

Beautiful One ~ Thank you for being here,

(Edited to add: This GiveAway is currently closed. It was open from December 4th-18th. Thank you for all who participated. I will most likely to this again at another time. Please sign up for my list to be away of the next go around. xo)

Here it is! My big beautiful idea.

I have always wanted to play Oprah and Ellen and give away something grand! I got to thinking and although I can't give away any cars or trips or jewelry.....but I CAN give away Soul Candy stones.

I am filled with so much giddiness that I can hardly stand it.

I want to light up someone"s day and SOOOO I have been inspired to give away a least 100  Soul Candy Stones. BUT, I need your help.

Watch and share this video and then PLEASE sign up for my newsletter.

I will be sending out an email in a couple of days with all the details. You get to help me find people to send a Soul Candy Stone to. This project has taken on a life of its own and I am so thankful for that!

This is going to be so fun!

Thanks for taking a listen and being a part of this project. I am filled with so much gratitude.

Sending lots of love to you this day,

Amy xoxo

  • Amy Logan

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  • Dec 12, 2015

    Your video was very moving, heart felt and beautiful! I will be looking forward to your email! I definitely have a friend in mind for this fantastic giveaway! Sending you much love and a big hug! Namaste ♡

    — Rita Zwicky

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