• Amy Logan ~ Getting Uncomfortable ~ Faith Crisis Life Coach
  • Amy Logan
Amy Logan ~ Getting Uncomfortable ~ Faith Crisis Life Coach

Don't you hate feeling uncomfortable? Ugg, so do I!

This weeks video blog, vlog, is all about this very topic.

I want you to realize something, when you have a 

  • Goal
  • Desire
  • Dream
  • Exit plan
  • Education plan
  • etc.

part of attaining said dream/plan, will most likely involve feelings you do not want to feel, you will find all the ways and reasons why you should not achieve it.

It is just what our brain does. We are wired that way.

But listen, all that you want in life, is on the other side of feeling uncomfortable.

The secret lies, in feeling uncomfortable, and doing "it" anyway.

That is it. 

Super simple, right? No, but the good news is, you are also wired to do hard things.

And the funny part is, the feeling you are putting off, is most likely the feeling you are feeling ANYWAY!!!

So, get busy. You got this!


  • Amy Logan

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