• Seeking understanding after your Faith Crisis?
  • Amy Logan
Seeking understanding after your Faith Crisis?

Are you wanting to be understood with all that you have just experienced with your faith crisis?  Do you want your family and friends to get what you have just been through?

I spent years in the this space. Wanting my friends and family to really, really, understand the pain I experienced because of my faith crisis.

If everyone could just see life from my point of view, things would be so much easier. If only, right?

That is not how this works.

You are the only one who has to understand what you have been through.

If you have people in your life that try to understand, who are compassionate and empathetic, than that is a bonus. Not everyone gets that. And even if they do, it doesn't not always work the way you want it to.

But, the good news is that none of that has to happen for you to get to a place of total acceptance and peace about your decision of leaving your faith.

Total acceptance is in your brain.

When you stay in the place of frustration because you feel you are not being understood, you create more suffering for yourself.

Suffering is optional.

It is that simple.

It doesn't feel that simple when you are going through your own pain from the loss of something like your faith. But, it is true.

Once you learn to manage your mind around all of the swirling thoughts you keep looping in your head because...

  • if only they could see it my way
  • if only they could read what I have read to understand
  • if only they could stop bearing their testimony
  • if only they could accept me as this new person
  • if only....

Do you see a pattern? Are you guilty of this type of thinking?

Most of us are.

But, freedom comes from the place of you understanding yourself, managing your mind (thoughts) about how you are thinking and feeling about wanting to be understood.

We read all the time to pay no mind to what others think of us. But is is easier said than done. Right?

I think that is because we are human. But also we have created a habit for ourselves to worry about what other people are thinking about us. This is kind of funny, because we are affected about what other people may or may not be thinking about us. Think of the power we give away when we do this. 

So, work on your own thoughts about your own situation. 

I have mentioned many times, that my whole philosophy around life coaching is based in our thoughts. I guide you through your brain and its patterns. It is a fascinating process. 

Come work with me. I always have a spot for you.

Amy xo


  • Amy Logan

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