• Clarity & Soul Work! Soul Searching Girl is back!
  • Amy Logan
Clarity & Soul Work! Soul Searching Girl is back!

I love getting clear about who I am and what I am doing.

How about you? Are there areas in your live where you would like come clarity? Clarity really makes life easier. Don't you think?

This year is my 10 year anniversary of my "crisis of faith." A long journey, but a beautiful one, the good, bad and ugly parts. I am passionate about helping you find your own truth.

I am on a mission to not only have you feel you are worthy but to also help you find your voice. So many of us feel that we have to keep quiet if our opinions differ from those close to us. These feelings may stem from many different parts of our lives, but when you are ready, you will know it is time to find your truth and your voice around that truth. And I am here to help you find both of those things.

Join my Soul Searching Girl Tribe. How you ask? Sign up for my email (my tribe), come to one of my events or one of my life coaching sessions.

I will soon be having a video series of people, just like you, who are ready to get real and honest about YOUR story. Whether you spend time with me one on one or at one of my Art & Soul Days, I will be providing a recording of your story (only with your permission of course) where you speak YOUR words in regards to your story. When we hear the words of others and find out we are not alone in our journey, we become stronger.

Thank you for being part of this journey. Together we are stronger.

~Amy xo

  • Amy Logan

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