• Essential Oil Curious?
  • Amy Logan
Essential Oil Curious?

Hello Beautiful,

I am immersed in the world of essential oils! I love it so much. 

But, I have realized that not everyone knows about essential oils and so I would love to share them with you! 


Are you Essential Oil curious?

I would love to send you a sample, if you have never experience essential oils or are not already signed up with someone.

You can even pick the sample you would love from Lavender, Peppermint and Breathe.

Lavender is a beautiful calming and emotional soothing oil. Assist with sleepy time. 

Peppermint is great for helping with clarity and focus and is AMAZING at soothing a headache.

Breathe helps support your respiratory system and clearing your mind.

What oil interests you? Let me know and message me your address and I will get you a sample ASAP.

~Amy xoxo

  • Amy Logan

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