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  • Amy Logan
Essential Oil Life Book ~ The Life Tribe

Hey y'all! I just stocked up on my favorite oil book, The Essential Oil Life. ELEVEN books to be exact! That means each person who joins me on their own essential oil journey will received one of these books, plus a few other goodies.

Each of these books need a good home and I am looking for 11 people who want to lean into a more holistic way of showing up in the world and who want to start their own oil life. I am creating space for you. message me.   amy@soulcandy.co

I am also looking for one person who wants to create a business around oils. Not everyone who signs up wants to run an oil business, but I know there is one of you who is considering it. Most people sign up just to start encoorporating oils into their everyday lives...and that is so wonderful, make me so happy to hear stories of how oils uplift your life. Then there are a few people, like me, who love it so much, they just can't help but share it with as many people as possible. If that is you, message me. I am looking for you.

Our team has so much to offer, including a brand new CERTIFICATION course, Life Code Aromatherapy.( I will be posting more about that in the coming days. ) We have several self healing courses and of course my own private FB team page, The Life Tribe.

~Amy xoxo


  • Amy Logan

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