• Post Mormon Life Without The Script
  • Amy Logan
Post Mormon Life Without The Script

Who are you without your script?

When you have a faith crisis, or paradigm shift, of any kind, you may find yourself throwing away a lot of your old ways of thinking, being, and your old answers for everything.

Crazy right?!

14 years ago, I never thought in a million years I would be an #apostate and leaving my religion. But I am 100% and I love it.

I’ve learned so much about myself. I threw away my old life script, realized I get to find new reasons for everything. I haven’t done it perfectly (what is perfect anyway) and I am okay with that.

When you are learning life over again, it can be scary. I get it.

Stumble for a bit, it’s okay.

We’ve been conditioned to stay within the lines. I’m here to tell you that there is so much beauty in life outside the lines. Get your crayons out and start painting that shit up!!!

Everything feels very new.

You get to create your new thoughts, theories, and reasons for everything. You get to decide the “why.” You are most likely realizing they way and the why you did things do not make sense anymore.

Find your own new why and enjoy the process. This process does not have to make you fear the future. It is giving you even more reasons to be anything and everything.

Create your own new personal script!

Amy xo


  • Amy Logan

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