• Squeee ~ I was interviewed! Thanks Natalie! xoxo
  • Amy Logan
Squeee ~ I was interviewed! Thanks Natalie! xoxo

I love the connections that my Soul Candy stones create. SRSLY I do! Whenever I think about the connections my business has brought me, I think of Dr. Seuss's Oh The Places You'll Go....

I had the honor of being interviewed by Natalie Martin, the creator of Soul Ride, soulridelove.com. 

Natalie creates BEAUTIFUL Malas. You really need to check them out!!! I have two malas on my wish list, The Beautiful Tomorrow mala & the mala of Individual Identity.

"SoulRide malas are BEAUTIFUL reminders to LIVE more INTENTIONALLY. Tiny reminders to LIVE from a place of AUTHENTICITY & create a life you LOVE" ~Natalie Martin

We have a fun Soul Candy Story! I will have to interview Natalie and Jenniferabout their love story and how Soul Candy played a part in it. 

I love you both!

Thanks Natalie!!


~ Amy xoxo

  • Amy Logan

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