• The Life Show Ep. 23 ~ Friends
  • Amy Logan
The Life Show Ep. 23 ~ Friends

Growing up, I had a very idealized few of how I "thought" friendships should be. I thought I would have a best friend and that friend and I would be life long besties. I thought this so much so that when a friend showed up in my life, in college, I thought the same thing. I thought we would live parallel lives, live near each other, raise our babies together, have lunch together often and maybe even have family vacations together. Well, this did not happen, in the least.

Friends come and go and it is important for us to realize this and cherish the time they are in our lives as special. I look at it now as seasons of friends. Can you relate to that?

So, with that in mind, keep your eyes open. You never know when your next friend will show up. :)

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  • Amy Logan

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