• The Life Show Ep. 4 ~ Inner Peace
  • Amy Logan
The Life Show Ep. 4 ~ Inner Peace

Hello Beautiful,

Another week gone by and another episode of the "The Life Show."

This week we talked about finding and keeping inner peace. Getting to that place inside us that helps us know that no matter what, we are at peace. 

Have you ever felt out of sorts or just not right?

Creating and practicing peace is like using a muscle that needs work. Practicing peace even when you feel the need to react in a given situation, is what will make being a peaceful person easier.

Have a listen and let me know what you think.

I am giving away one of my Soul Candy Stones, an I Love You stone.

Please like and comment and you will be in the drawing for the stone I show on my show.

Remember love...YOU ARE LOVEd and worthy of feeling inner peace in your life.

Much love my friend. 

~Amy xo

  • Amy Logan

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