• The Life Show ~ Episode #2 ~ The Tree Of Life
  • Amy Logan
The Life Show ~ Episode #2 ~ The Tree Of Life

I am so happy to introduce my FB show "The Life Show."  Every Thursday at 10:30am mountain time, I will be hosting a live show on my Amy Logan Life & Art Facebook page.

I also give away a lovely piece of Soul Candy to one viewer. So make sure you like, comment and share (bonus points for sharing) and you will be entered in the drawing done 24 hours after the show.

Back when I taught High School Health class, I always thought the class should be called Life Class. We covered so many topics that I loved, but "Health Class" had a bad reputation of being boring. I loved it so much, but if was up to me, I would have renamed it. :)

So, now that I am older and have my own site and Facebook page, I can do what I want, right?! 

So, I bring you...The Life Show!

Sending you all sorts of love and gratitude,

Amy xo

  • Amy Logan

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