• The Life Show ~ Episode 3 ~ Getting Unstuck!
  • Amy Logan
The Life Show ~ Episode 3 ~ Getting Unstuck!

Did you miss it? This week on The Life Show we talked about Getting Unstuck.

Do you ever feel stuck in life? Like nothing is moving in the direction you want it to? 

I can TOTALLY relate. I decided it was time to address this head on and so we dive into it on this weeks show. 

 You know I do a GIVEAWAY during each show...right?! 

You just need to watch, like and comment to be entered into the drawing. This week I am giving away one of my Soul Candy Diffuser Stones, I Am Strong. You will see it in this video. The drawing will end Sunday night March 5, 2017. Make sure you are in!

As always, I love to hear from you. Let me know how you get unstuck in the comments below. Or let me know what AhHa moment you had while watching the show.

Here is to creating movement and momentum in the direction of our dreams. I believe in you!

Much love,


  • Amy Logan

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  • Mar 04, 2017

    Hi beautiful Amy ! Just saw your video ( I was working when you were live ) Awesome message about getting ," unstuck “. You have great message because you are so ,” real !" Loved your cute too and girly you look like you have lost weight , woo who ! Hope my entry makes your drawing , so sweet of you to give one of your treasures away !’

    — Karen

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