• The Loss You Feel ~ Mourning and Your Faith Crisis
  • Amy Logan
The Loss You Feel ~ Mourning and Your Faith Crisis

 Mourning and your faith crisis.


This may be a heavy one. But, if you have or are going through your own faith crisis, you are familiar with these feelings.

The loss. The mourning.

You are mourning the loss of something you loved very deeply. It was, for all intents and purposes, your everything.

The emotions you feel may range from sadness, anxiety, depression, and eventually anger. They are real and profound.

Remember, this is an unexpected, unplanned experience. There is no way to see it coming. It just shows up one day and leaves confusion in its wake.

It just happens.

The emptiness feels so huge. What you once believed in completely, is gone forever.

You have constant reminders everywhere because...

  • all your memories
  • all your family
  • all your life decisions
  • all your everything

Because of this, you can't just "walk away" and this adds to the complexity of the crisis.

Part of this process is unraveling this puzzle. How did this happen? What do I do now? It must be me? 

It is like a brutal break up. You are literally breaking up with the church.

Your whole belief system has been challenged. This, of course, is life changing and bleeds into all areas of your life.

It is important to not rush it. Mourning the loss of something so encompassing, all that you know, is difficult.

Be with it. Sit with it for as long as it takes.

One day you will be ready to do what you need to do to have it be a piece of your own puzzle, a part of your life story. 

Believe it or not, one day, you may even see the beauty in it.

But, for now, just let the emotions flow, let the feelings be right where they are, with no judgment.

Be gentle with yourself. Be patient.

You are the only one who can decide when you are ready to do the work it will take to start to heal this part of you.

I have walked this path you are walking right now. It is important to me for you to see that someone, just like you, has been right where you are and made it through to the other side. It is possible.

You are possible.

So much love to you,




  • Amy Logan

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