Essential Oil Soul Candy Stones ~ Chakra and Terracotta

Awwww, Essential Oils. You found this page, because you must love EOs as much as I do. Pairing essential oils and ceramic clay is perfect! Whether you are looking to add some aromatherapy as you drive, dangle a terracotta stone in your car or maybe by your bed post at night, hang on the side of your computer as you work. So many places to dangle these stones. I know you will enjoy the beautiful aroma of your oils for hours. 

Or, maybe you have found my Original Essential Oil Chakra Stones! These are proving to be a beautiful addition to holistic healing practices. Add a few drops of oil to the white part of the stone and incorporate aromatherapy to your practice. 

If you would like to work with me and join my essential oil life, just click on the work with me tab and Essential Oils. I would love to have you join my Life Tribe team and be welcomed into a beautiful world of healing, friendship, and possible business (if you are looking for one).

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you find some Soul Candy Stones to brighten your day. 

~Amy xo