About Me


Hi Beautiful! I am so happy you are here, so happy I could squeeze you.

I am Amy and here are the cliff notes "about me."

I am an mother, sister, friend, lover, artist, and intuitive listener. I am a soul searching girl and a faith crisis life coach.  I am a lover of music and books. I am a mother to two beautiful, taller than me  boys. I love chips and salsa. I love laughing until my belly hurts. I love talking about the wonders of the world. I love a good glass of wine. I love to travel. I love to focus on the positive and all the abundance this world has to offer. I love infusing my art with my travels and life experiences help me understand who I am. 

Continue of if you want a little bit deep understanding of who I am...

I am a believer in the power of tribe, story, and self worth. BTW, you have ALWAYS been worthy. (yes, it is true. We can work on that, me and you.)

I believe that it is a miracle that our paths have crossed. Of all the people, places and pathways on this gorgeous planet of ours, WE are connecting. I love the simplicity of that miracle.

I believe that we are each a puzzle and that we get to pick and choose the pieces we want in our lives to create us. You are the boss. You get to pick! Isn't that fun!!! Here is a big hint...there is no one right way.

Have you ever felt called to something in your life? Felt passion for something you could not quite put your finger on?

I spent years in that space, years searching and yearning for something. The funny thing about that is it was just under my nose all along, I just didn't see that something that came so naturally to me could be the THING I was looking for. I am a listener and an intuitive all in one. I can listen to your story and hear what your words may not be saying.

I believe that life is actually pretty simple and that we often make it way more difficult than it has to be. How would it feel if your life was simple? How can we make it that way for you? I am here to help you find that feeling, that simple peaceful feeling you are searching for.

I want you to find your voice, that voice that you keep swallowing because you are afraid...afraid of what someone may think of you if you voice your opinion. Afraid you may have the "wrong" answer (btw, there is no wrong answer).

Like Marianne Williamson says..."You are powerful beyond measure." You really are.

It is my desire to uplift and inspire. I want you to know that YOU are important and needed in this world of ours. I truly believe that we are each put here on this planet to build one another up, to help and love each other.

I believe words are powerful. I believe it is important how we speak to ourselves and others. I believe we need to "change the voices in our head and make them like us instead" (can you name that song? P!nk, Fucking Perfect.) 

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you find a few things you like here. Stick around, get on my list (email sign up) and join in the conversation on my blog or by responding to emails. My open sign is always on. 

 Much love to you on your journey of life!

~Amy xoxo