Life Coaching

I am thrilled to introduce you to my Soul Searching Girl program. It has been several years in the making and you are the first to hear about it!  Because my life has lead me on a very personal Soul Searching journey over the past 10 years or so, I am inspired and ready to help you.  We are all on some type of soul searching and this is where I want to meet you, during your very own Soul Searching Journey.

Ever since I was a little girl I have heard people say I have a calming spirit. I remember my mom telling me this when I was a young girl. Friends and complete strangers tell me this too.  When you are living from your authentic self, your inner gifts shine through. Over the years I have learned to love and nourish this part of me, my calming soul.

There were many times in my life where I wanted to be the the girl that could bring the life to the party, the girl who was outgoing and super spontaneous. I tried to be that girl, but I was fighting against my natural gifts. I now know that I do not have to be THAT girl. I can just be me. Along my Soul Searching journey I have become comfortable with who I am. I am introverted & calm (most of the time ;) and I love that about myself.

I am ready to help you find your center and the peace and passion you have been looking for in YOUR life.

  • Have you been searching for your inner strengths and your natural gifts?
  • Have you been looking for your voice in this world?
  • Have you ever compared yourself to others and then just felt horrible about yourself?
  • Have you fought against your own truth from time to time just to find out it is not working?

Let's change that! I want to focus on YOU and YOUR natural gifts and help you find peace and comfort, right where you are, now.

Let's tap into that place where you feel the most YOU. Want to? Are you ready?

When we spend our time together, in person or on the phone, YOU will be my complete focus. And just so you know, one of my other gifts is the ability to listen, intently. I call upon my intuition to listen to what you are truly saying. I will be your confidant and the space we create together is ours alone.

Sometimes it is hard to vocally speak our gifts. I want to you be comfortable being who you are and I want you to be comfortable speaking your truth. Are you ready to share your gifts? Big or small, loud or quietly? Either way is fine with me.

One of my missions in life is to help others find peace, feel worthy, and to feel enough. I want you to feel complete being who you are. I want you to know you are enough, in this very moment. You are worthy of everything life has to offer.

Soul Searching is exciting. It is inspiring and it is abundantly full of life lessons. Over the years I have found that there are many roads which lead to your very own truth. We each get a different path and that is a beautiful thing!

There is no One Size Fits all kind of journey. Most of us need to wander, discover and feel our way through life. We need to go outside the lines, stretch our wings and find where we feel most at peace. 

Is the journey perfect? It is always pretty and colorful? Most likely not, but you can paint a new picture and I will help you sketch it out.

Here is how you can spend some Soul Searching Girl time with me.

  • Life Coaching ~ 50 min. Zoom Session ~ Share your story with me. Tell me your dreams, fears, and everything in your heart. Pick 1-3 things to focus on and we, together, will come up with a plan for you. Two follow up emails.
  • Soulful Email Life Coaching  ~ 

    Would you like to spend a month email coaching with me? It is an intimate one on one way to dip your toe in the water of life coaching.

    It has been my experience, that sometimes writing down what you are going through has several benefits. Sharing a bit of yourself via word(s) can create a deep understanding of you. Let’s spend a month together, diving in.

    Getting behind your keyboard and opening up will open you up in ways you are not even aware of. Let’s tap into you.

    I have coached hundreds of people via email and I have found it to be so valuable. Sometimes it is easier to let the words flow, freely, at a time that works for you, in a space that is safe for you.

    Let’s connect. Let’s dive in.

    If you are willing to trust me with what is weighing heavy on your heart, I will gentle help you tap into your inner wisdom. Sometimes you just need a fresh pair of ears and heart focused on you.

  • Life Coaching ~ 6 Sessions ~  Also includes 4 follow up emails. Phone call or face to face via Skype or Zoom. 
  • Soul Searching/Life Coaching Day ~ One full day with me, in person, in Salt Lake City, Utah or Los Angeles (area), CA  ~ 10am-5pm. A Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Monday. Lunch included. We plan and sketch and talk and plan. You and me babe. A month of email coaching included. One Skype or Zoom followup coaching session included.

Please send me an email at amyloganlife@gmail.com and we will begin our journey together. We can even chat first to see if we are a good fit.

Sending oodles of love,

Amy xoxo